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funny jokes

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Guest Paweł Kurpisz

hu hu i see IB students don't tell jokes ;D

Maybe i will start with a Maths joke:

-What does zero say to eight?

-nice belt :D

Or another:

-You took the virginty from my daughter! I'll kill you!

-I apologize! This won't happen again ;)

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Guest Positron

Mr. Heisenberg was driving his car a little too fast and he got pulled over by a police officer. The police officer came to his car and asked him:

-Do you have any idea how fast you were going?

Mr. Heisenberg replies:

-No, but do I know where I'm at.


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Do you know any good jokes about the periodic table?


Why do none of the chemistry students tell any jokes?

All the good ones argon.

Why are mushrooms always funny?

Because they're fungi.

At my school, the IB students are incredibly sad students and these are some of the funniest jokes we tell. All those of us who study real sciences (only biology physics and chemistry are HL subjects at my school, if you do science at SL you have to study ESS.) have waged war in the environmental systems and societies students because they take up one chapter in our whole textbook :-)

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