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EE Physics: Question involving photovoltaics, gases and efficiency

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I am currently still in IB1, but since I am planning on doing the EE in physics I want to have the experimental part finished before the summer holidays.

The problem I have is that I am starting to doubt if my question is suitable even though my teacher said it is.

The plan was to investigate the effects different gases would have on the efficiency of a photovoltaic cell if placed between a light/energy source and the former cell.

Is the idea clear and can i even get a 4000 word essay out of this or am I already planning my own doom?

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The transmittance of atmospheric gasses at different wavelengths is a hugely important topic, not just for solar energy but also for everything from aircraft landing to satellite surveillance and climatology. So there is a big volume of research data on the subject, and plenty of material to study for your EE.

But making useful measurements with the equipment likely to be available in a school lab could be quite challenging. I would suggest discussing this aspect in some detail with your teacher before committing to the topic.

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