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URGENT- Possiblity of plagiarism

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Guest CasaNova


I have submitted my ITGS project and since there has been new sylabus for this year, I have used the example that IB has provided to do my project. I mean the whole idea and all text is mine, but the concept of the documentation is almost the same as the IB example.

You probably dont understand but let me give you an example:

IB example: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/17/pokitcc535d6609c5a9ed0f.jpg/

And I have used the same form: Criterion A, Summary of problem, Explanations of inadaq.....

The form is the same(was I allowed to do so and to use this example?), but the text is mine and idea is mine and the topic is different. Do you understand?

Is that considered the plagiarism?

My teacher told me to decide to send the project or not, because I think it is not the plagiarism but who kows what the plagiarism is today :D

Should I send that project and live being afraid of getting my work plagiarized, or should I just not to send the work and get 0% out of 20% for that IA?

Please answer me only if you are 100% sure in what you are saying..

This is really urgent.. I have a deadline by tomorrow to decide that..

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I wasn't able to see your example well, and I'm sure that nobody can be 100% sure about this, but I don't think that the layout of your work would be considered plagiarism if the concept and content are entirely original. But if you actually wrote "Criterion A", etc, I suggest editing that out!

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Dude don't worry,these example that the OCC was for student to use in the first place ;) .. in my case I did a database and a got a level 7 in that :D

I used the documentation as a guide and followed the main structure..cause the documentation that the OCC provdided is the perfect example to score a full mark !

Dont worry be happy :)

and submit your IA

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Nah, don't worry about it. In my opinion everything should be fine.

But tell you what, just for safety, (if you wish) you can PM me your Documentation and i'll have it scanned for plagiarism and forward the report to you.

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