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Read this only if you are willing to help me get on the track with my FOA .

I'm an IB1 HL English A1 student and I have my first FOA due 4th of april (day after tomorrow).

Our school gave us 2 week break because of our country's, Azerbaijan's traditional event - Novuruz.

Today it is already late (2:16AM) to start doing anything so I am briefly explaining what I need to do and I am asking you to help me settle this out, if, of course, it is possible.

Here are some things that I can tell you for today, again, if you are willing to help me, so that you have an idea what I'm talking about:

I have to make at least 15 minuts presentation about topic that I chose: Memes (basically, how were they changed by culture and vicev ersa).

My oral presentation needs to contain at least 15 minutes of me talking, in English, of course.

I can expand my presentation by adding videos or/and slide-shows, etc. but this will not count in the 15 minutes of my speech-time.

I have to be creative (not boring) and have interesting presentation about what memes are and how did the idea of memes itself changed over time. (for example, I thought that memes were only those things that you see on websites such as, 9gag and reddit, the rage faces, but I found out that it is a lot more than thah)

All I need from you is some ideas about what I should do and how should I make my presentation interesting (e.g. ask different people about memes, show them different images and record their reactions/comments on video).

I am a horrible procrastinator and this is the last chance I have to actually score high on the FOA. (my grade now is 6, even thou englis is not my first language)

I would appreciate any kind of help and from anyone.

Thank you.

- Nick

P.S. sorry if my english is not fantastic, I am only a man:L oh and if this is not a place to ask for help, please tell me to remove this before someone reports it. I'm new here.

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I personally would like to see some sort of role-playing with the memes, or say incorporate how a meme may work in a real life situation just to get a few silent chuckles :)

It's just from my perspective as an audience ^ ^

I'm not sure that may work or not though.

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