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Biology Extended Essay [Opinions]

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Hello forum,

It sure is good to be back.

I've been away for some time due to an intimate relationship with the IB.

For the past few months I've been working on my biology Extended Essay and have drawn up what I feel is a rather developed and intricate design.

My experiment is the following:

I will be testing and challenging the ability of slime mold (Physarum polycephalum, in vtiro) to find the shortest route between two food sources (initial incubated oat flake and two other nutrition sources dispersed through the labyrinth. Though something like this has been done by researchers already, it is a rather new study and I will be mainly challenging the organisms chemotaxis via altering the agar pH and observing if this alters the rate and efficiency (whether or not it connects the shortest route). This has never before been done.I have set up a time lapse system in order to be able to precisely calculate its chemotaxis rate and efficiency. I have also decided to go even further with the experiment and in another experiment to solely test the organisms behavior when one of the two introduced oat flakes is acidified or soaked in an alkaline solution. Will it ultimately evade this acid/base soaked oat flake in order to spend all its energy on connecting to a food source at a far greater distance?

How much does the Extended Essay in Biology require? If a similar experiment has been conducted, on which there is very little accessible information, how much further would I be required to go? Would you recommend I stick to only one of those experiments (if so, would appreciate if you could suggest one). It is a rather difficult experiment as there are many variables needed to be controlled but I am well up to the challenge and will spend my time

I would be more than happy to clarify on some things if you message me.

Thanks a bunch!

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