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Geography help needed!

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I've got a serious problem. Our geography teacher has no idea what we are supposed to know and there's only one month left for our exams and we have no idea what we should know from part 3 - globalisation! Is there any geography syllabus or does anyone have their personal notes or some kind of paper with all the things needed for the exam? We're trying to learn as much as possible from our book (Planet Geography. 5th Edition. Codrington) and Geography study guide Nagle&Cooke. I would really appreciate your help!!! :)

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do you have skype? I can show you the syllabus.

Alternatively, here it is typed, Sub-Topics are underlined and Development is not.

3 - Economic Interactions and flows

Financial flows :

Examine the importance of loans, debt repayment, development aid, remittances, foreign direct investment and repatriation of profits in the transfer of capital between the developed core areas and the peripheries.

Examine the influence of governments, world trading organizations and financial institutions such as world trade organization, IMF(international monetary fund + and world bank) in the transfer of capital

Labour Flows:

Explain the causes and effects of one major flow of labour between two countries

Information flows:

Explain the role of ICT in the growth of international outsourcing

Teaching Hours 8

Actually, see if this works: http://ibgeog2009.wi...syllabus_glance

Best of luck in your exams!!

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I'm not sure if you've already found it, but the syllabus can can be found on the General Downloads Section of this website, I think that with the books and the syllabus you'll be able to figure everything out, make sure to do practice questions and essays, my teacher has told my class that Globalisation is almost always asked, so good luck!

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