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what are my chances of getting into ivy league colleges

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I have taken PCM HL and economics SL hindi B and english sL

I got 2200 in SAT and 770 in SAT 2 CHEM, 760 in SAT 2 phy, 800 in SAT 2 maths 2

and TOEFL score of 106


i have been the president of the math club and

the founder of the 'science experiments' club

head of the school media comittee

serviced underprivileged by being a member of the organizing committee of a 'sports day' for a school

coached cricket to underprivileged children for an year

physics and chemistry award

one of the top 3 students ( mock exams); student counseler

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Nope 30%

If you have good essays and supplements then maybe a little higher.

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If your essays and supplements are unique and interesting, then I'm pretty sure you'll get into an Ivy League since I see you have really good SAT scores. One of my friends got into Stanford and she had a 2100 on her SATs (idk what she got on her SAT 2 and ACTs) plus she got a 40 grand scholarship because of her essays. So what I'm trying to say, make damn well sure your essays are amazing :)

You'll get in, don't worry :)

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