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Using studies answering particular long answered questions?

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Hello IB psychologists,

I have a question regarding answering specific LAQ's. My teacher has told me that I have to use 2 studies for LAQs and this seems pretty effective when answering questions such as "To what extent does genetics affect behavior" because one can quote the different results of the studies and make a good argument. However if I were asked to contrast two theories, how exactly would I use studies? I mean, I could just point out differences between the two theories, and that would answer the question effectively. In addition, some of my options have learning outcomes with the command term "Distinguish", which once again tells me to distinguish between two things. Say once again, that they ask me to distinguish between two theories explaining something. How am I supposed to apply studies to these command terms?

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In all mark schemes I have seen examiners repeatedly say that there is no set amount of studies to use for LAQs. They always say that a few studies/theories can be analyzed in depth or many studies in less depth. That is the answer to the number of studies question.

Another point you bring up is contrasting theories. You will are more likely to be asked to compare (find similarities) and contrast theories (which implies pointing out differences). In subject reports at the end of each exam session examiners point out that students contrast too much and compare too little.

Your last question about theories and studies. Most theories should have supporting evidence: studies. So after you explain a theory then cite supporting evidence, evaluate the study and theory and move on to the next theory and follow the same approach.

Hope this helps.

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