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Biology EE- Effects of fertilizer on growth of radish seedlings

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A while ago, we were asked to choose our topics for our EEs.
Since I was in such a hurry, I thought of something, but I sort of regret choosing it now.
I wanted to do something along the lines of:
"How does fertilizer concentration affect the growth of radish seedlings?"

I do Biology HL.
I was thinking about measuring the growth according to Leaf Area Index, but wouldn't measuring height be simpler?
Also, I think I'm going to have to look for a specific fertilizer...like something nitrogen based. I'm sorry to say that I don't really know.
I'm worried that it is too simple of a topic.
What can I do to make it a little...tougher?

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I need this help, urgently!
I now know that I have a chance to change my topic, subject, and supervisor.
I am not contemplating changing subject much, because I really love Biology, and the other subjects don't really appeal to me.
But if I really had to, I would change to Chemistry or Economics, because anything is better than my current supervisor.
Please give me feedback on the EE topic I posted earlier!
I'm feeling a bit edgy about it because:
- I would have to perform the experiment over the summer, of course, because growing these seedlings will take a lot of time and I need a HUGE amount of data.
- I'm not sure where I would grow them... I live in an apartment that is barely big enough for my family, let alone a horde of radish seedlings. I don't know if the school is open either, and I don't know if I'm traveling anywhere. The fact that I constantly need to be around these plants might be a problem.
- About testing the concentration of the fertilizer: Should I test the concentration of an actual brand, like Miracle Grow or something? Or should I get pure nitrogen or something relatively similar and test concentration of that alone?

I have more questions, but they're on the tip of my tongue.

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Anyway, I think right now your topic is still broad. And yea, plants do take time to grow, and you have to keep an eye on them. I changed my EE to spiders, because I knew I had vacation plans that would not work well with anything grown or tested indoor.


1. Stop complaining about supervisor. They will guide you through, that is their job. Talk to them before you rip yourself apart. Everything starts with you and them.

2. Plants... If you grow them then you will have a very limited number of testing subjects. Maybe pick something in the wild, or more abundant like... Maple Trees.

3. I posted this many times already, but I will repeat it. Plants are overdone, because they seem easy to access and get without ethical issues involved. But they are overdone.

4. Talk to your supervisor

5. Talk to your supervisor, your biology teacher

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