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Is it too late to change Maths HL to SL?

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I have honestly felt this gloom for a long time whilst partaking in my Maths HL lessons. I just hate it.

My sixth form is in the second year of IB and whilst my other subjects are fine with being taught (content, help, homework etc) my Math teacher is the definition of terrible. Rarely gives homework, rushes through the course but claim we're working ahead, doesn't go by the syllabus...I'm mortified. I feel like I have to self-teach myself and for it to be Maths...I can't do that.

Even though my initial thought was that I was naturally gifted in Maths I literally feel bad in EVERY lesson. I realised that I have to love the subject and quite frankly it makes me feel awful. I chose the subject because I assumed it was a requirement for the course I wish to study in Uni and thought it "looked good" (stupid, I know)

I don't feel confident that I would get a good grade and it's making me hate IB (exaggeration?)

I started the IB course last September so my question is if it is too late for me to make a decision now and possibly bring Psychology from my SL to HL.

I honestly thought I would grow in confidence and love it but that plan didn't work!

I'm currently on school break so before I consulted my teachers I just wanted to know from fellow IB Math people (especially in the second year) if it would be worth it.

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If you're feeling like this in IB1, I would recommend you petition your school to let you change course. The main things to check are:

1. have the SL people done their IAs, would you be able to catch up the coursework?

2. have they SL people done any topics you haven't got around to covering yet and might need to catch up on? (i.e are they going through the syllabus in a different order?)

3. is it possible to catch up with HL Psych?

4. have you missed any HL IAs for Psychology?

It was really similar at my school and so many people hated Maths. Highest mark in the HL class was a 4 and everybody else got 3s - having been good at Maths before IB! It's a really hard course and having it badly taught is like a recipe for disaster. To be honest I think it's a smart move to change if you don't NEED HL. Definitely ask your school; I don't think it's too late, especially if you promise solemnly to catch up with everything you might be behind by over the summer. In fact it's probably the last feasible point at which you could switch up or down.

Out of curiosity, what do you want to apply for? Best of luck anyway.

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I thank both of you for the advice!

The SL Psychology people have not started their IA's but I assume they should be starting soon.

I do understand that there are areas that I will have to catch up on but I would rather go through that pain rather than the suicidal feelings that arise from self teaching myself HL Maths. Plus I do actually enjoy Psychology so I won't be upset. I did enjoy Maths as well before IB.

I wish to send my head of sixth form an email just before we resume...if if does not work out then.... :eek: . I really wish it does fall to plan because I genuinely love the IB course minus HL Maths.

And I'm planning to study Dentistry! :D

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I don't think you should fear that you will be avalanched by mountain of work all of a sudden. I remember having 5 subjects in IB1 for about 4 months and then they gave me History HL. At the end of IB1 I dropped to History SL and upgraded my Psychology to HL. I didn't feel any pressure whatsoever. However, my selection of subjects speaks for it self heheh. However, based on observing people from my school that dropped to MATHS SL say that they did themselves a great favour and that they would really rue the day they would find themselves having no other option but to keep the darn HL maths. So relax, you will make it, it's never too late to change a subject in IB1... I reckon

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