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English A EE -- Complementary Novel to The Wind-up Bird Chronicle?

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I really need a second novel (originally written in english!) to pair with The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami for my EE.

So far, I've been interested in the issue of identity, particularly with the physically manifested "core of identity" mentioned in windupbird. It has a lot to do with the conscious and unconscious throughout the novel.

Does anyone know any good books that can be used as comparisons? Any help is appreciated...

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Can you elaborate on the nature of the conscious and unconscious for those of us who've not read the book?

Identity can be said to be based on both conscious and unconscious: the conscious self is the person we know ourselves as in day to day life, while the unconscious self refers to the alter ego that resides in the unconscious (a dreamlike state typically accessed through sleep in the novel). The "core of identity" is a representation of the two selves' formation and relationship.

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