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What is the difference between an "Executive Summary" and "Rationale" in the B&M HL IA?

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Executive Summary -

This is a concise, clear, explicit summary (maximum 200 words) of your whole work. I should be able to read it and know everything you did – from the beginning till the end.

It includes any recommendations or conclusions.

The research question and executive summary should guide the reader to the substance of the report.

You have to try to include everything in your summary, from the introduction, to the methodology, to your findings and conclusions.

It is recommended that the executive summary include three elements:

. the research question

. the scope of the research (including the methodology)

. the main findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Theoretical Framework

This should include:

a) Rationale for study: The rationale for this study means the reasons on which it is based. I.e. why have you chosen to do this proposed study, what are your reasons?

b) Areas of the syllabus to be covered: In this section you must outline what aspects of this topic you will look at. This can be done in bullet form and can be re-written at any time. You should also justify why you are covering this area of the syllabus, e.g.:

“I will look at/consider …….. to see how ………”

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