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Any tips for Kinematics?

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Guest Loco Mo Mo

With my newly found motivation (thank you HiggsHunter), I've been doing some practise questions for all the topics.

I seem to be having some problems with Kinematics (well most of Mechanics to be honest). I think the main problem is I can't identify what the question is asking and which formula I should use. Because when I look at the markscheme, I can understand all the calculations done but almost always fail to use the right equation.

Thus, I was wondering if any of you had some tips or tricks you could share to help me with this.

PS I would usually just say 'screw this' but since this topic comes up almost every year, I can't :(

Thanks :)

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Memorize all the equation for this topic and solve questions for each equation from your book ..

also familiarize yourself with the data booklet .. when solving any questions write the variables that you have ! and write the variables that are required from the question .. then look at your data booklet and check which formula best fit the variables you have

gd luck !

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Ah my friend, the easiest way to go about this is:

1) IDENTIFY WHAT IS GIVEN AND WHAT YOU NEED TO FIND. So if i'm given time, acceleration, and that I start from rest, and I am asked to find the distance traveled. I know t, a, and u (u=0) I also know I need to look for s.

2) Look in your data booklet and see which equation has includes all of these.

3)You''ll find it can't be ((u+v)t)/2 , since you don't know v !

It can't be v^2 = u^2 +2as, since it doesn't include.

Finall s = ut +o.5at^2, has all of these variables , woop!

Just plug in your values and solve for s!

Good luck sir :)

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