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Final CAS Reflection?

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So, our final CAS deadline is comming up fairly quickly and our IB cordinator keeps reminding us about our final CAS reflections that we have to write. I have a rough idea of what I want to do for mine but I would love to have some sort of example or outline or something to follow...

I'm a little unsure if we are to reflect on each individual CAS project, or our CAS experiance as a whole. I can't find any examples of final reflection online so I was wondering if this is something specific to our school or if everyone writes them? assumin geveryone does have to do reflections, are there specific guidelines that IB will check or do we just have to meet the 8 criteria and call it good?

If anyone could explin this that would be amazing


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This a sample to a reflective essay that I have.. I'm about to start writing mine as well.. It should be more about what you gained from your CAS activities. You don't have to mention the benifit of each activity, instead only the main ones which had the largest impact on you.. maybe it allowed to develope a certain aspect of your personality or gain a new skill of face one of your fears.. Just keep it simple and very PERSONAL..

Best Luck on your eaasay..

CAS Reflective Essay.docx

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Screw CAS :P in 20 days we have our IB exams !!

these exams are much more important than this silly - useless CAS thingy ..

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