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Weighting of the IA - did I get this right?

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So the weighting of the Business & Management IA is 25% (both levels)

I am on SL

Let's assume I get a 5 from both Paper 1 and 2, which together weigh 75%.

Let's also assume I got a 7 from my IA.

Does this amount to a final grade of 6?

5+5+5+7 = 22

22 / 4 = 5,5

Wouldn't this 5,5 be rounded to a 6?

Am I missing anything? Isn't this how the grade is calculated?


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It doesn't work like that. I'm fairly sure the IB finds the average percentage of all your results (with appropriate weighting), and then checks against grade boundaries to find your grade.

For example, if you got 59% in P1, 68% in P2 and 89% in your IA (and P1 was 30%, P2: 45% and IA: 25%), your overall percentage would be: 70.55%. Now, if the grade boundary for a 6 that year was 65-75, you'd be getting a 6. (Note that these numbers are completely made up)

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