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Question Regarding World Lit World Limits

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I know the range is 1000-1500, and I know the IB states that students can go 10% over or under, but I'm not exactly sure as to the meaning of 'can'. Does it mean that you can do so without losing marks and the assessor will still read it all; you won't lose marks but the assessor stops reading at 1500; or does it mean you can in that they'll still accept the assignment, but you'll lose the requisite marks AND the assessor will stop reading at 1500?

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Firstly, the range is 1200-1500. If one were to go under the word limit of 1200, one would be, quite frankly, stupid. In terms of exceeding the word limit, I believe that two points are deducted for doing so. I also believe that the examiners will read until the 1500 word limit (or where they estimate that to be if you've gone over) and then stop reading from thereon.

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