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What's your take on cheating?

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What do you think of cheating? How often do you use it? What do you think should be done about it? Go into depth, as if this were an EE! Lol.

For me, from a student's perspective, I feel like I wouldn't get through without cheating a little. Like copying another student's homework/notes. I'm just being honest. I try to do my own work but sometimes I just slip through. Do you cheat?

I don't think that at the high school level, cheating should be a huge​ issue. It's a lot of trouble to make sure students don't cheat. Now, obviously, if a student is copying in front of a teacher work for that class, or cheating on a test, the teacher should confiscate. But I don't think a punishment of more than a 0 on the assignment is necessary. Because people will still do it. And I don't think teachers should police students cheating for other teachers' classes.

From a teacher's perspective, I think as a teacher I would only punish if I caught them with a 0 on the assignment and closer scrutiny on other assignments. And I wouldn't actively look for it.

Now, plagiarism is a completely different story. It's one thing to copy someone's work that you have permission to copy. But it's another thing to steal someone's work without their permission. (That said, I don't like the way TurnItIn.com operates and I try to talk my way out of using it whenever possible.) That's not okay.

For those of you that don't cheat, do you allow others to copy your work? If you don't, what do you respond with? Just a simple no?

This isn't for any assignment or anything, and my views may be unpopular. But I just really wanna know what you guys think.

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