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How to use a calculator {ti-83, ti-84, ti-nspire,etc}

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For the TI-83 or TI-84, it depends which math class you're taking. I like both calculators for all three IB Math courses. Haven't used the nspire much, so can't say ...

Math Studies:

If you're in Math Studies, you should DEFINITELY know how to do linear regression (put info in a list, then ask it for linreg, or whatever type of regression you want).

You should also be a rock star at using your calculator for Chi-squared independence testing, since it shows up on the exam so often.

Math Studies, Math SL and Math HL

There are a few nice tricks your calculator can do for you - graph an equation (y= button), and then find out all sorts of stuff like what the y-value is for a given x-value, the zeros, the max or min, intersection points of two lines, derivative and integrals all from the 'calc' button (2nd + trace).

I use those very often.

For Math SL and HL, I like using the distributions: (2nd + vars). Really handy with binomial and normal distributions, for example!

One nice trick that I like to tell students is that if you forget how to 'undo' something in algebra, your calculator has some of the keys nicely arranged. For example, look at the LN button on the left. If you want to undo a natural log, you take e to the power of... See the keys how both use the same key? (one is just 2nd + that key). The same trick goes for LOG and 10^x, X^2 and sqrt, as well as sin, cos, and tangent.

Silly little trick, I know, but I like it!



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