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Mathematics Extended Essay - Optimisation of our school's bus routes.

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Essentially what I wish to do is use a map of all the students in the school to determine the distance of each house from the school. Then, using the available bus fleet with each bus at 85% capacity (because it's a 7 and because new students will join the school) what is the most fuel-efficient (basically shortest distance) way to get everybody to school.

Does it sound doable? And if so, does it seem like a good EE Topic

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I clicked in just cause it sounded awesome. So high five for creativity.

IB loves stuff that contributes to the community.

Now I also agree with the above respectable admin, it does rather sounds like a good computer science topic. Think: create program to calculate for highest efficiency.

In fact, modify it a bit and you could do it in Geography.

So all in all, great idea, perhaps needs a bit more sophistication in it's wording and scope. But you categorised it in the wrong subject.

Good luck!

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