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Help! Paper 1

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Hi everyone,

So basically we are doing our Paper 1 right now. The topic is "Peacekeeping and Peacemaking: International Relations (1919-1936)". I love History and I am passionate about it. However, the problem is that my teacher (pardon me for using this word but really, there is no other suitable word!) SUCKS! I have no idea what to write for the OPVL and I have been unable to get any external support. Please help! A few pointers would do a lot!

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O - indicate the origins of the source. Who said/wrote what when where. Derived from the provenance (interestingly enough this will also give you an indication of the Purpose & Limitation of the source as well)

P - In this portion, you need to sieve out the intent of the source. Sometimes the provenance will give you a hint (i.e. President Roosevelt addressing the Congress). reading the mini essay question (Q4) will sometimes give an indication of what the all sources are trying address. From there, you could pick out the source's intent. i.e. Roosevelt trying to gain support from Congress in order to impose sanctions on Japan for their aggression in China

V - One possibility of a value is indicate if the source gives a good insight into the motivation of an individual/group. i.e. how Roosevelt was driven by the desire to maintain peace or attempting to maintain peace but yet not break America's isolationist policy. If the source is a primary source, you could expound on how possibly valuable that source is to the context of the question.

L - of course the source would often cover a singular perspective. What are the others? Do not simply mentioned the source being biased for it is very difficult to prove given the limited presentation of the source (one small paragraph in a 400 page book is not a good indication of a biased view point). For this, it is often helpful to have some contextual knowledge so that you'll be able to point out what is not covered in the source.

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