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What sources can I use for EE in English?

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I would like to know what websites are acceptable as sources when doing an EE in English.

Some people tell me that sources like Wikipedia, sparknotes.. are not accepted. Is that true??

If so then what websites can I uses to gather information for my extended essay??

And as for books, what kind of books can one use?? Do they have to be critique books written about the novel which I am working on or can they even be general literature books??


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Sparknotes and Wikipedia are not explicitly disallowed, but are looked down upon. Most likely result of relying on them would be losing a mark or two in holistic judgement (of course they're not gaining you any marks in depth of research, either).

Critical reviews of your work online are a basic one, other than that if it's a classic or well-known work there probably will be books published on it. You can search for secondary research on the particular genre or literary feature/technique(s) you're focusing on, too. Decent places to start include Google Books and Google Scholar. A handy trick is to read the Wikipedia article on whatever you wish to research and visit its own citations for more info.

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