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University of Hult, London

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Hi there,

I received my admission at Hult in London with a good amount of scholarship.

Along with that, I've also gotten into Exeter, City, Cardiff and Manchester. And I'm waiting for my Singapore replies (NUS & SMU)

But, I'm really looking forward to take the offer at Hult as it sounds really exciting.

So, should I? What are your views on this university? It does seem pretty new and stuff.

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I'm predicted at around 35

Manchester : 35

Cardiff : 31

City : 29 (school of informatics)

Exeter : 34

Hult is an unconditional offer.

Singapore universities haven't replied yet. I'm pretty sure they won't look at applications under 40 though.

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I would say that Hult is probably not your best choice. As far as I know it usually enters the clearing process and I only know a girl that went to Hult because she didn't get in any other university. She is happy there though. In my humble opinion the other 4 universities are far better. Of course it also depends on what you want to study. Manchester is probably the best one so I would place that as a firm choice but since Hult's offer is unconditional you have to either choose them or go with a firm/insurance choice. Additionally you should consider where you want to be living. Hult is in London (if I'm not mistaken) so the cost of living is far higher compared to, let's say, Manchester and even though you get a scholarship there, they overall cost could still be higher.

In terms of academics Hult is not really as good as the rest so I think it all comes down to where you want to study, how important is the scholarship Hult offers you and whether or not you think you can get the required grades to get in Manchester, Exeter, etc.

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In terms of academics, hult offers various guest lectures from well established Entreprenurs or professors of Harvard standard.

It also focuses on a practical approach to business, by involving the action projects in various companies.

Its situated in Central London, which is pretty awesome and it has about 5 campuses around the world.

It's filled with students from all the parts of the word and has an 'American' style of teaching.

This seems pretty awesome to me, if it's all true.

What does your friend like about hult?

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Assuming you've applied to study Business (???) then looking at some ranking tables may help you gauge which to go for.


City is 37th, Manc 33rd, and Hult 73rd (worldwide ranking tables). Cardiff and Exeter don't seem to be on there suggesting they don't have Business Schools so perhaps you applied for some other course...? The Financial Times is pretty reliable so it'd be weird if they'd missed them off.


City is also listed 3rd in the UK according to the Guardian.

I know somebody studying at City (Cass) who's having a great time in their 3rd year now and is currently off in the USA doing some kind of term abroad/internship. Based on rankings from the Financial Times, of those 3 Manchester is clearly the one to go for. However if you find there's an attraction to being in London (although it's a smelly polluted place it is admittedly the UK capital of business), City's not exactly much different rankings-wise and ranks higher in the Guardian so... yeah. League tables are great for judging how good a place is. To be honest all good Universities should get in excellent lecturers etc. and I wouldn't have your eyes go all glinty at the word 'Harvard'. The more 'top' a professor is, the worse their lectures in my experience haha - and they'll give you one lecture in the whole year or something just so they can advertise that they offer it. One of my worst lectures this year was ironically by a nobel prize winner who I'm sure is brilliant but not at lecturing.

There are quite a few 'international' american-style Universities in London and I'm going to be honest and say that I've never heard of half of them. In the UK (at least) they're obscure and not really considered. Hult doesn't actually seem to appear on the UK rankings at all. So it perhaps depends where you want to go afterwards but wherever you wish to go post-graduating, maybe see whether they recognise Hult as a big institution there. It's kind of weird that Hult's rankings on its own website (http://www.hult.edu/en/about-hult/rankings/) don't seem to match the ones I've been able to find looking independently.

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