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Autograph help for complex number Type I portfolio

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Hi, I'm currently working on the portfolio for patterns in complex numbers (Type I). I've heard that Autograph would be a good choice to use as my graphing software, so I downloaded it. However, I cannot seem to understand how to use it. The interface looks very straightforward to me, but I'm getting confused. How do I plot complex roots on an Argand diagram, join the roots with line segments and calculate its length? So far I've set up a polar 2D graph and added a unit circle using the equation r=1². I've managed to add in the three roots of z³-1=0 using the "enter co-ordinates" function.

How do I add line segments from two points? Or am I doing this completely wrong?

Edit: Nevermind, got the answer myself. If a mod sees this, please close this

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