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Math Studies IA

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Hey our math studies teacher is kinda horrible, so i was wondering if anyone could just let me know what the IA's are for math studies? He hasn't gone over any of them nor mentioned the IA's whatsoever and our class is getting worried. Please and thanks(:

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The Math Studies IA is a project that you will do using mathematics that you learned during the IB course.

Don't worry very much if your teacher hasn't mentioned it yet. My teacher mentioned it in March from last year... I started my IA a week before it was due.

Take your time to choose what are you going to do your IA on. This is hard, because you have to make sure you use complex math.

I did my project about Angry Birds. My objective was to find the angle with which a bird should be thrown in order to kill a certain pig. My teacher won't tell me my grade, but he says it was good.

More detailed info can be found in this link (page 41) http://www.education.umd.edu/MathEd/conference/vbook/math.sl.06.pdf

This link is also helpful http://www.cic-caracas.org/vanas/vanascontent/handouts/davis2.pdf

This link talks about possible topics http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=644184

I hope this helped!!

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