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Paper 1:Time

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As you know we have 1 hour to answer the 4 questions in paper 1 (or 5, it depends how you see it). I am slow when writing exams. When I had mock exams, I barely had time to finish Paper 1. I didn't answer the last question with enough depth and I had 4/8 marks in that question.

What is your advice for time management in paper 1?

How much time should be dedicated to each question?

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Since you only have an hour (plus the five minutes of reading time) go in with a strategy. I usually do mine as such:

5 minutes of reading time: read all of the sources to avoid wasting time

Question 1: Probably only 5 minutes or so, since it's really simple

Question 2: About 15 minutes

Question 3: About ten minutes

Question 4: 30 minutes

Obviously if you need more time on another section you can do this, but you'll be cutting your time that you could have spent on another section (especially the essay, and you need at least about a half hour to write this). If you can save time anywhere, that's very good. Good luck on your exams! :)

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This is how I do it:

5 minutes reading time- read through the questions quickly and see what sources are required for what parts (explain, compare/contrast, evaluation) then, using that knowledge read through all sources and mentally annotate the texts, try to understand what they are saying. By knowing what questions you have to use these sources for it will be easier to look for the right info whilst reading through them. For example, if source C and E are the ones to compare, make a mental note of similiarities and differences while you read through it. This planning will save time and allow you to focus more specifically on the answer that is expected. If you have finished all sources and one is slightly unclear, read through it again (bear in mind the question that relates to it). If you then have some time left, start outlining question 1a/b in your head, so that when you start writing you don't have to think and can simply put the answer on paper, saving time which will be valuable for the other questions. This paper isn't very hard, it is all about time management and efficiency. If there are 3 points available, do not write more than 3 points!! If there are 2, 2 points are needed. For the comparisons write two paragraphs, one with 3 similarities and one paragraph with 3 differences. For the source evaluation write two paragraphs, one for each source that has to be evaluated. Include the words "Origin", "Purpose", "Value", "Limitation" to ensure that your answer stays on track and to enable the examiner to see directly that you are answering the question. Also try to include two values and two limitations in case one is not excepted, but don't waste your time. For the final mini essay do not go through the sources in order saying what they are telling us. Write a mini-essay, structure in paragraphs where you are making actual points regarding the question. Then use quotations (with the letter of the source in the brackets behind it) and interlink that information with own knowledge. In the end have a conclusion summarizing your points. Also make sure to use every source at least once! You will lose marks if you don't

After the 5 minute reading time I proceed in the following way (I agree with Emy):

Question 1: a) 5 min (absolute maximum 8 min)

Question 2: 15 min

Question 3: 10 min

Question 4: 25-30 min (absolute minimum 20 min)- most marks available here, structure it well and refer to EVERY single source at least once!!!

If you have questions contact me.

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