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Biology Extended Essay

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Hello there,

Now i'm 11th Grade and i choosed my extended essay from Biology and my topic is;"How is ultraviolet lights can effect the rate of growth?"

I choosed 2 plants which are tomotoes,corn.Firstly,i will give 20 volt light to them and then i will take another corns and tomotoes and i will give 40 volt light to them and finally i will give them 60 volt light.After that i will measure them by one by and write my conclusion for my extended essay.So you all wondering why i started a new topic.Good question guys :) Here it comes;

Do you want to say anyting for improving my extended essay? Thanks.

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I think you should experiment with more than 2 plants a sample set. In fact, I think the minimum number of plants you should have of each type of plant for each is 10. So 10 tomato plants and 10 corn plants with the 20 volt light and another set of 10 tomato plants and corn plants with the 40 volts...etc. By doing this you can apply different tests to ensure that the different lights produced a significant difference to the variation in your results (such as the t-test).

And I also think you should rephrase your research question for it to be more specific. When I read your research question I should have some idea of which factor of ultraviolet lights you will be testing on these plants (for example, intensity, different colored lights...etc)

Good luck :)

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