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IB Physics Course Companion

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Well, that depends on what book you use. You can easily check the syllabus and there it sais all you need to know for the exams. The topics in the syllabus are:

1. Physics and physical measurment

2. Mechanics

3. Thermal Physics

4. Oscillations and waves

5. Electric currents

6.Fields and forces

7. Atomic and nuclear physics

8.Energy, power and climate change

I hope it helps, PM me if you need anymore help :)

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Concerning the Options, the present topics for Physics SL are:

A) Sight and wave phenomena

B) Quantum physics and nuclear physics

C) Digital technology

D) Relativity and particle physics

E) Astrophysics (Also available at HL)

F) Communications (Also available at HL)

G) Electromagnetic waves (Also available at HL)

(Options H, I and J are only offered at HL)

If you are referring to the Kirk & Hodgson Course Companion, it only contains separate chapters for Options E, F and J, although much of the material for the other options is included in earlier chapters. The introduction says "These Course Companions, therefore, may or may not contain all of the curriculum content required…"

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