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Extended Essay Idea? What do you think?

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So, for my EE, I've chosen English as my subject area.

And I've been brainstorming a bit about what to write, and I've come up with a few ideas. But they're not too solid, that's the problem.

I was thinking of doing a comparison of Lord of the Flies and Fahrenheit 451(Willam Goulding and Ray Bradbury) and talking about control in society. What happens when society has no control, and what happens when it's overly controlled. This could also be related to Dystopia vs. Utopia and how it provokes evil in people/government etc, and whether humanity is naturally good or evil.

But right now I'm just not sure what angle to write from, or what to even research.

Does anyone have any comments, critiques, ideas?

Would be super helpful :)

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I just saw that no one responded and the post might be feeling a bit lonely here.

Let me first say that I haven't read either of the works, but know vaguely what they are about.

Your idea sounds great! But a bit general, and from what you have described, not supported with anything in the literature itself, but more purely based on the themes and concepts that the book brings up.

I didn't write my EE in English, but many of my close friends did. From what I have discussed and observed with them, you need to remember doing an EE in A1 English will be primarily about the literature, a 4000 word commentary or comparative essay if you will.

So you can totally go for it! Just remember to strongly bind your statements to the work itself, and somehow incorporate how wondrous the English language is in it's ability to inspire and provoke thought upon...what was it you said again....control in society!

I also recommend references to 1984. Just cause. It seems to relate.

<3 Hope your EE goes well!

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