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Even though my school doesn't offer the IB Film course, I seem bent on doing an EE related to film. Except I've chosen television instead. My tentative question (not in question format) is to assess the effect creator and writer Aaron Sorkin's departure had on the t.v. show "The West Wing" (one of my favorite t.v. shows). I'm aware that it'd need to be whittled down so to fit in 4000 words.

So, my questions are...

A) How foolhardy is it to do an HI on television? The only reference I can find to doing an EE on television is when the phrase "film or television" is used in the overview of the film section of the IBO's EE guide.

B) Is it appropriate to categorize my question under the Film category?

C) Is it a good question?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Subject to the approval of the coordinator, the EE does not have to be in one of the subjects that you are actually studying for the IB Diploma, but it might be difficult to find a suitably qualified supervisor if Film is not offered in your school. (The supervisor must be a teacher in the school, and must have appropriate qualifications or experience in the subject)

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