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Help on the unseen passage

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Hi! It seems some of the extremely helpful posts by Sandwich and another girl for the same were removed or relocated, could someone please direct me to those or alteast help me!?

My basic problem is comprehending what a critical commentary for the unseen passage/poetry means? As in what do you write about, what do you analyse? I've seen some people give advice saying that you need to talk about what the writer is trying to put across based on the tone, I can't write 4 sides on only that can I? please link me to some files or some such resources that you know for sure are helpful at this late hour, even the files on IBS are fine. Thank you!

So far I've scored a 6 and my basic idea is that you pick out prominent topics from the poem and extract and discuss them, then you discuss the use of literary devices, I know few like imagery, metaphors, similie, erm.... I can't remember the others some like juxtaposition etc.. you know. My exam is tomorrow!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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