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OK Need help with Paper 1 ASAP Please!

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How do you structure a Prose in Paper 1? is there any good ways to remember like "SCASI(Setting,Character Action,Style,Ideas) and where do u add these onto

or could u start with(Main body) Content,structure Narriator point of view, themes,language(diction),syntax......


Main Body


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The way I do it is:

Intro: well, you write your introduction here and I usually identify the theme or whatever it is the focal point of my essay will be. Include author and where the excerpt is from.

Main Body: Just remember; PEE (point, example, explanation).

I make each PEE a paragraph and each PEE is a separate argument. Clarity is important and jumbled structure can make you lose points, so watch out. I tend to incorporate literary devices into my PEEs because you can't really just name all the devices, you have to explain WHY they're there.

Make sure you don't forget about tone. For some reason, everyone in my class tends to forget tone at one point or another, but it's often important (not always).

Don't worry about "fancy words" and "fancy literary devices" such as ellipsis and chiasmus; metaphors, plot, setting imagery and so on will do just fine if you don't know the "fancy" ones (or if they don't exist in the text).

Also, if you can't remember the name of a particular device, but can identify it and explain its significance, do so.


Due to your time limit, it might be possible that you won't have time to say everything you want. But ABSOLUTELY include a conclusion. If you have 5-10 minutes to go, finish the argument you're on, and write a conclusion.

Just sum up all your explanations (not the text itself) here. Also, don't make the classic mistake of just thinking that your personal response is your conclusion. Your personal response is evident throughout the entire essay as the "explanation" part of PEE.

Everyone structures their essay differently, but I usually stick to this as I think it makes my essay very coherent and helps me focus on what I want.

Hope I've been of some help. (:

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