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Design Tech Planning

This is a bit off of the syllabus and the rest is what I did for my IA's and major design project. (I guess I did most of the project right cause my teacher gave me 21/24 :P )

Defining the problem or research question - The design problem. Go into how you came up with the problem and what exactly is the problem that you are trying to solve. Be specific, but don't even touch on how you will solve the problem.

Formulating a hypothesis or prediction - The design brief. A statement of the problem and the intended out come. Go into what you are planning on achieving throughout the whole project. The target market, safety hazards, what should and should not be included in the finial product. Don't go too in-depth into what you want to do, and don't go into how you will solve the problem.

Selecting variables - The design specification. Divide into categories what you want to achieve and come up with set goals in each area. You will evaluate your finial product against these at the end of the design cycle.

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