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Descriptive Setting Ideas

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Guest Humaira

i have to write a descriptive 400-500 word paragraph that describes a character or a setting, i'm having a hard time with thinking of ideas, i know i should find something inspiring but nothings clicking right now.. i was going to do the persepective of someone sitting in a train describing someoneelse, but my teacher used that as an example.

we have to us stylistic elements, such as rhetorical devices,figurative language and sentence structure

some other ideas i have are

-a person with their friends sitting and watching from the outside the actions and behaviorisms of them(seeing it as a whole rather than being assimilated and absorbed in the action.

- a students eloquent nature, orderly, graceful, ...

- someone who looks out their window and sees the same person always reading when walking, so absorbed in their world, a quick efficient gait, yet relxed etc...

any suggestions, would be grate!! asap thanks!

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