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Oral commentary analysis

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I was just starting this thread thinking that i might come across some great tips in order to help myself and others. So the situation is that, i have my oral tomorrow (final one and yes i'm panicking a lot lol) and since i've had my mock already, i know how it'll be working but the thing is that i start waffling around because i couldn't analyse the key techniques used the passage.

Are there any last minute tips to help me out with analyzing the passage?

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my suggestion for the structure:

1. Introduction (candidate number, school, language course taken,...)

2. Title of work and author's name

3. Context: where is it found? what happens before? what happens after this passage?

4. Summary: what happens in the given passage?

5. Theme (must be generally applicable to any work)- then explain in detail and pull lines to prove what your saying

6. Characters (which characters are present? what are their personalities like? how do they progress? what relationships are important?)

7. Mood and Imagery

8. Symbols

9. Stylistic Devices

10. Closing thoughts

General advice:

  • when you quote from the passage, say the line number before reading out the line (examiners prefer this)
  • Talk slow, calm and loud
  • Have mini links in each section saying what the effect of the theme is
  • Use the full 20 minutes beforehand to plan (focus on theme/symbols/mood/imagery/stylistic devices)- the summary is easier to make up on the spot
  • don't worry! i'm sure it will be fine

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