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TOK Presentation topic - help?

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So, I have a mock TOK presentation in a week, and I have been thinking about some topics but I really need some help to get it right!

I really want to do good so I can use this years grade for my final TOK grade.

Topics/research questions I have been thinking about:

How can confounding affect our ways of knowing?

How can confounding affect our way of making choices?

How do frames of reference cause ambiguity and misunderstanding in language and communication?

Just to be clear, confounding is when there is a "hidden" variable which is not taken in account of when you are making a choice or drawing a conclusion, so that you may get the wrong results or draw the wrong conclusion because of that piece of information you did not know or did not take in account.

If you have any other ideas, please post them! I will be very grateful, thank you!!

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