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World Literature Thesis

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I'm doing my World Literature 1 draft(s) and I wanted to compare mothers in Mirad, a Boy from Bosnia (Verica) and King Oedipus (Jocasta). I just wanted to write about the mothers and just compare similarities and differences. But my teacher strongly suggested to make an essay arguing which of the 2 is a better mother; so I'd actually have to make a choice and argue which one is better and why. My teacher also said that finding the better mother will give me more marks for world literature than simply comparing similarities and differences

Is this true? I feel quite uncomfortable to argue which mother is better, I'd rather just compare them... but then again I would go against my teacher's advice....

....help please!

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Oh and as I am comparing mothers, my teacher told me I should write whether their actions were good or bad as of ''Today's standards''. So things like killing the child you were conceived with through a rape was okay in Bosnia during a civil war - it is a terrible thing to do if someone does such a thing today. Does that make sense?

So i'm not meant to focus on ''given the time, and setting, this action was justified'' but should judge every action like a 2008 Lawyer in a way

Is my teacher right in asking this of me? I find it all very confusing

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