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Psychology EE - How far can I stray from my topic?

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For my EE, my topic is, "The Effects of Traditional and Modern Martial Arts on Aggression".

I want to give some historical background of martial arts because I feel that many people would otherwise be unaware of the distinctions made between traditional and modern martial arts (not to mention that it would also boost word count a bit).

My questions are:

1) How much, if any, historical information should I include

2) Should I have a portion of my essay (most likely at the beginning) specifically devoted to this, or should it be worked into the essay as it is necessary?

3) Two part question: Would six to ten psychological studies on the topic be sufficient? Is it a problem if I have no research of my own?

Thanks for any help,

Sean Wade


Upon re-reading the scoring guidelines, I found this-

"Relevance to the discipline of psychology

0 - There is no mention of issues included in the discipline of psychology

1 - There is some mention of issues included in the discipline of psychology, but they are expressed

only at a rudimentary level

2 - There is adequate mention of issues included in the discipline of psychology but they are

incomplete in their development

3 - Issues included in the discipline of psychology are central to the essay and are well expressed."

I'd still like to get feedback from other people though, as I can only infer answers from this.

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Hey there!

Well for your introduction it would be good to do that. Introduce the different arts and state the differences etc. Then towards the end of your introduction, state your research question and how you intend to achieve answering it.

It would be good if you used sub-titles to show distinction in the topics you'll talk about and it's more advisable. It gives your work structure.

The answer to your first question, you should probably mention it at the beginning in your introduction and also try to talk about it briefly as you go forward in your essay. Don't include so much information as your introduction shouldn't be so long. Maybe a paragraph or two would be sufficient.

For your third question, i think around 6-8 ish would do. If your case studies are huge, it should take up most of the word count.

I hope i helped. :)

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