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Psychology EE- Malleability of Memory

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To what extent is memory malleable?

-I know that my question needs to be reworded better.

In my essay, I plan to address:

-Chidhood memories (unreliable)

-Repression of child abuse

-Eyewitness cases (Ronald Cotton) and Elizabeth Loftus experiments

I need help with the question and what I should include in my essay.

Thank you! :))

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I'm not entirely sure but I think your topic should be more specific. Deal with just childhood memories and abuse or exclusively eyewitness cases. My guess is that the eyewitness testimony will be easier. I found a good article with lots of research on eyewitness testimony here. If you need help getting journal articles let me know, I still have my university access for the next month or so.

Congrats for getting to work on this now btw you are way ahead and that's how I rolled as well :).

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