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quantitative analysis of chamazulene

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[quote name='islandemofreak' post='14965' date='Apr 13 2008, 05:44 PM']does anyone know any procedures to quantify and detect chamazulene? its for my chem ee[/quote]

If I am not mistaken, chamazulene is a trimethylated azulene complex correct? In that case, since its organic, a great way to detect and quantify it would be Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - either proton or Carbon-13. You can also use UV-Vis spectroscopy for isolation/detection, and then use the beer's law agregate to determine the concentration of the analyte. Honestly though, it depends on how pure your sample is. If you are just taking a stock reagent grade sample, then either NMR or UV-VIs spec will work well because you will have very little interference from other organic impurities.

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