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Possible TOK presentation topic about Music?

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1) Its not worded properly, it doesn't even sound like a KI. You should somehow try incorporate your AOK's into your KI.

2) Its too broad. What do you mean by main purpose? Is there even a "main" purpose for music? To me, there isn't a main purpose for music (but that's just my opinion)

3) Music started a LONG time ago. Like i said before, its too broad. If you like look at a certain genre or how other genres have evolved from others. Remember, there are lots of genres to music and each started at a different time period. You only have 20 minutes max for your presentation!

4) Is music somehow personal to you? Remember, you need to give majority real life examples and the more personal they are the better. Therefore, pick a topic that somewhat relates to you. BUT at the same time you need to relate those back into the TOK world and give TOK examples as well.

You need to really think about this. Honestly, i think you should change your topic because it doesn't really seem strong. Yes, you could do it, but right now, its extremely weak.

When you start planning your presentation, make sure you look at the CRITERIA and do it accordingly. This is the only way you'll know if you're missing something.

Good Luck! If you need more help don't hesitate to send me a PM.

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Read these:

Is this a good TOK Presentation title? / How do I pick my Presentation title?!

ToK Presentation Guide

And change your title so it actually relates to ToK. Your current topic is nothing to do with ToK but rather just some meandering thing about music, which is completely unrelated. I suggest you read those threads and re-think your whole approach, because it seems you've completely misunderstood what ToK is about. Right now it's about as relevant as singing the alphabet song and then claiming you gave a presentation on algebra!

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