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[All Exams] Guide to Finding Past Exams

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I came across a post a while ago that listed all the tricks to finding past exams, so I thought they might be wanted here as well. These are well known tricks and I've been telling them to my friends for years, but it's nice to have them all in one place.

[quote="Stevko"]Every paper contains sentence "Do not open this examination paper until instructed to do so". Every paper contains words Diploma programme. Almost every paper is PDF file.
So you take search engine and input this query:
"until instructed to do so" diploma programme
(with quotation marks). You can also specify that you want to search for PDF files (not necessary).
Then you find good search engines. Google is the first choice, however it does not find too many papers. You can use Google to find another search engines. Good search engines are Pandia (http://pandia.com), that sends your query to 5 or 6 another engines and sorts the results, msn search (http://search.msn.com) or SOGOsearch (www.sogosearch.com).
When you find a paper, then look at its address. In search engine you usually get only one paper from one site. And when there is one paper, usually there are more somewhere close. So, you take the address of the PDF paper and delete everything, that is behind last slash ('/'). Then you enter it to browser. Now let's take two examples.
a ) you find this in search engine:
So you erase everything behind last / and result enter to browser:
You will see error message. So you will erase again everything behind last / and enter it again:
Now you get a page, where either are links to desired papers, or link to page, from where you an download the papers.
b ) you find in search engine for example this:
you delete everything behind last / and enter it to browser. You see then directory listing. In that case it is good to go one or more directory up to see, if there are more papers. So in this case it is directory
In this case it is also good to browse everything on that server to see, if there are no more papers and some more subjects.
c ) you find in search engine for example this
when you try to use previous steps, you find either errors or no link to papers. In this case you can guess names of papers. Here they were for example these:
(you change level, paper or session). Sometimes it works (it did here).[/quote]

Some urls were changed so that I didn't link to actual papers. If this is still against the rules feel free to delete this thread.

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