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Chances in Stern, NU, USC, Boston, Northeastern and Georgetown?

I'm gonna be applying this fall to all my selected colleges. But the problem is I don't know which colleges to apply to. I have been told I should apply to 9 of them: 3 safeties, 3 reaches and 3 matches. But won't that be too much money for applications alone?

I did my SAT in the spring of my junior year and got 1460 (really bad I know but I didn't sleep much the last night and hardly studied, was busy with school assessments)

I'm studying my ass off for SAT right now and I think I might score around 1800 this time.

I don't live in USA, so I don't know my GPA but I'm doing IB and these are the subjects I'm taking:

Business HL

English A HL

Geography HL

Spanish B SL

Biology SL

Math SL

I expect to get at least level 6 in Maths, Business, English, Spanish and Geography..Biology I guess a 5?

I live in a very small town so I don't get enough extracurriculars and my school doesn't have any kind of club :(

But so far I have volunteered 24 hrs at a retirement home, helped children read in kindergarten, helped my school organize some events, currently taking german classes, might take cooking classes and will probably help out at the local library. Oh and I have never had a job..but I can work at my father's business, does that count for extracurricular? I will also be electing myself for class representative this year.

I wanna major in business/international business/business administration/management.

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