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College Touring

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I'm going to look at colleges over spring break and I want to know what in particular I should look for.

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Well, these are some suggestions I got from a collegeboard article. I love that site, and I'd reccomend that you check it for any of your college-related needs!

Take a campus tour.
Have an interview with admissions officer.
Get business cards and names of people you meet, for future contacts.
Pick up financial aid forms.
Participate in a group information session at the admissions office.
Sit in on a class of a subject that interests you.
Talk to a professor in your chosen major or in a subject that interests you.
Talk to a coach in your chosen sport.
Talk to a student or counselor in the career center.
Spend the night in the dorm.
Read the student newspaper.
Try to find other student publications—department newsletters, alternative newspapers, literary reviews.
Scan bulletin boards to see what day-to-day student life is like.
Eat in the cafeteria.
Ask students why they chose the college.
Wander around the campus by yourself.
Read for a little while in the library and see what it's like.
Search for your favorite book in the library.
Read the bulletin boards around the campus.
Ask students what they hate about the college.
Browse in the college bookstore.
Ask students what they love about the college.
Walk or drive around the community surrounding the campus.
Ask students what they do on weekends.
Listen to the college's radio station.
Try to see a dorm that you didn't see on the tour.
Imagine yourself attending this college for four years.

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