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Molecular genetics or genetics?

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I'm kinda stuck on whether to go to UCL or KCL. For UCL i got a conditional for genetics and molecular genetics at KCL. Initially I wasn't thinking of applying to UCL since they didnt offer the course i wanted, molecular genetics, but when i was finished with choosing my unis i had one more spot (if you use UCAS you'll know that i have 5 choices) and so I put UCL down wanting to know whether I could get in with my 27 points mock examinations....and i got in =D

Now that I got a conditional, I am now stuck to whether I want to go to UCL or KCL. Anyways I just want to know what the main differences are between genetics and molecular genetics and the different jobs i can apply for when i graduate.

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Hi, well taken from collegeboard, I found this:
"When you study genetics as a molecular and cell biology major, you'll focus on molecular genetics. You'll explore the molecular structure of genes and DNA, the way genes get turned on and off, and the ways in which they vary. If you decide to major in genetics, you'll also study topics such as the inheritance of traits, the effect of the environment on genes, and the evolution of genes."

Also, within genetics there are also the subtopics of Evolutionary genetics and Conservation Genetics.
For both of these majors, it is very likely that you could obtain a job in the medical research field, though I'm not sure about specifics. If you'd like to read more, I'd reccomend that you visit Myroad at Collegeboard.com. It covers those majors and SO many more.
Good luck deciding! :yes:

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