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Must know studies for Exams?

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I'm SL, so I'll mention the ones I plan on using. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Learning Perspective:
Pavlov (1927)
Little Albert (Watson and Rayner 1920)
Insight Learning (Koehler 1925)
Imprinting (Lorenz 1927)
Bobo Doll (Bandura et al. 1961)
Learned Helplessness (Seligman 1967, 1975)
Token Economies (Baker et al. 1977)
David Reimer "John/Joan Case" (Money 1972)

Cognitive Perspective:
Cognitive Maps (Tolman 1930, 1948)
Stroop (1935)
Reconstructive Memory (Bartlett 1932)
Eyewitness Testimony (Loftus and Palmer 1974)
Washoe (Gardner and Gardner 1969)
Genie (Curtiss 1977)
Bobo Doll (Bandura et al. 1961)
Cross-cultural Perception (Deregowski 1972)

Biological Perspective:
Criminal Mind (Raine 1997)
David Reimer "John/Joan Case" (Money 1972)
Split Brain (Sperry 1968)

If anybody has any to add, it'd be great if you could mention why you think it's a good study to know. For example: I chose x study by y researcher because it has practical application or had a significant contribution to psychology etc.

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Why so little for the Biological Perspective? Also, blindpet, I'm surprised! No Chomsky for cognitive?

Homosexuality and the hypothalamus (LeVay 1991)
cognitive factors in emotions (Schatcher and Singer 1962)
" " " " (Dutton and Aron 1974)
Temporal lobe and fear (Kluver 1936)
Amygdala and emotions (Downer 1961)
Types of cognitive processes for emotions (LeDoux 2000)

Learning is concept based (Herrnstein 1979 & 1990) Edited by rue saint-denis

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I pretty much had to do biological perpsective on my own so I'm still building the studies. Chomsky's theory is definitely included for the Washoe and Genie studies :) but I don't think he actually conducted any research - please correct me if I'm wrong. Edited by blindpet

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