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USA Rush Limbaugh Operation Chaos

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Talk radio star Rush Limbaugh (my hero) has come up with a brilliant scheme to ruin the democrats by using their own rules against them. The rule he is utilizing is the rule that a vote can be cast for a democratic nominee from either a registered democrat AND a Republican. Rush, who is a supporter of the Republican Party (though not a huge fan of McCaine) has told the populace of republicans, since McCaine has already won, to instead cast their vote to the losing democratic nominee. This action is totally legal and within the boundaries of the new rule. But this keeps the two democrats snipping at each other while McCaine stays above the fray. Democrats are furious at Limbaugh saying that it is a breaking of the rule but it is not. I think it is funny as hell (although from what i have heard, there is nothing funny about it) and a good tactic to use against the democrats. Tell me what you think of it.

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