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Extended Essay in Physics

So, I'm doing my extended essay in physics, which I now wholeheartedly regret as I watch the english kids finish up....

Anyway, I'm having an incredible block on generating ideas.

My supervisor told me to look to the real world to investigate phenomena, and then build an investigation around it. I just have no inspiration.

Originally, I was considering investigating unicycles, such as gyroscopic effects, tire pressure vs stability, that sort of thing because I both own and can ride one, but I quickly realized performing a controlled experiments with one is extraordinarily difficult.

Then I thought about whirlpools, factors such as total energy vs water temperature or viscosity, but the mathematics involved were beyond the scope of the class.

I thought my strongest idea so far was to investigate how the work needed to knock over a glass of water varies with the volume of water in the glass. I had the mathematic and formulas worked out for it, but my supervisor shot it down because it wasn't creative enough.

What's the best way to generate ideas? I've been observing, sketching, mind-mapping, but I just can't come up with anything acceptable and the deadlines are closing in.

Any help, anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

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I too am doing an Extended Essay in Physics and found my idea by literally going on what I like. This is the process I used when finding my topic:

Find an area of physics that you particularly like and narrow it down to a topic/ aspect. Then you can make it into a question or just a focus.

For example

Find an area of physics: Mechanics

Find a topic/ aspect: Velocity, cricket ball

Question/ focus: How does the velocity of delivery affect the swing of a cricket ball?

I found it easier putting my question in the format 'How does X affect Y' Like the IAs


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