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Hi guys, I'm going to bombard you with questions~~ haha, I was just wondering which university is better : UBC, U of T, Mcgill, or HKU.

I'm planning to apply for early acceptance for these universities, but I'm not sure of the scores that are required to even have a chance for conditional/unconditional acceptance, as I know the scores on the sites are probably too low.

My parents are from HK, so I'm planning to get my ID card right when I graduate in May, so is it possible for me to study in HKU not as a international student? or do I have to live there for 7 years? which I haven't, because I was born and raised in Canada.

*edit* And I'd like to state that I am fluent in Cantonese, and pretty fluent in Mandarin... My english is also fluent. But my chinese writing is not that good... Oh, and I've heard you need to know Japanese for Business in Hong Kong?

I am planning to work in HK, so if I can't get into HKU, I was considering UBC, U of T or Mcgill. And I've heard mixed stories about these universities... apparently UBC is a shame to Hong Kong? Don't ask me about that, I just heard that Hong Kong people look down on people who say they graduated from UBC. But UBC seems easiest to get in at the moment. And I have heard that Mcgill is really hard to get into... most of the IB graduates from my school go to UBC.

I haven't gotten my predicted grades yet, but I will this month... I'm confident to say it's over 30 and under 40... haha

Oh and I'm planning to study Medical, Business, Criminology, or Psychology, sorry about the big scope.

And I am not really considering universities in the US yet since I didn't take SATs

I will thank you guys in advance <3

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omg I speak Cantonese too and go to U of T... go to U of T and be my friend :D

In all seriousness, a lot of the things you've asked can be found out yourself. Reputation and what each university has to offer can be found on their individual websites and rank lists. If anything your best bet to get information is to contact whoever/whatever you need directly.

As for your choice of university, is money a consideration? I don't know where you live in Canada but there is a small chance you could be commuting to any of the universities you mentioned. If you are planning to work in HK, you need to make a serious business decision. In the end, you don't have to listen to any possible slander from HK people, because who cares what they think? However, if this plays a role in getting you a job, you might want to think against applying to UBC, even though it's not your fault.

U of T is pretty easy to get into too. I'm not sure how other universities consider admission, but basically U of T just takes their list of applicants, and puts their marks in order, and cuts off the last student until they have fun out of room for their faculty. There is no cutoff average or any of that nonsense. That might sound brutal to you, but keep this in mind, and do your best in school.

UT, McGill and UBC are considered the top three universities in Canada. I don't think you could go wrong very much by choosing either one of them (except possibly for UBC, as mentioned earlier). My grandma is pretty confident in telling me that you still have to do the seven years, but don't quote her on that; check with the international affairs workers for that matter. That might have a serious impact on your decision.

Just do your homework and good luck with your decision!

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