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IB Biology Topic 2 IA

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Okay, so I'm a first year (11) IB student and my teacher assigned us to look for lab ideas for cells. I have no idea what I"m doing or what I should be looking for. If anyone can help me with a little bit of guidance.. it would be greatly appreciated!! (:

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It is YOUR work, and as you're formally assessed on it, nobody will do it for you. However I can suggest ways to find information:

  • look in your textbooks to see if they have any experiments
  • look in your textbook for any principles and consider logically how you might be able to test them - using school lab equipment
  • look on the internet to see if anybody else has any experiments suitable for your lab project!

And then (because obviously you can't copy somebody else's stuff) change one of the variables, modify it slightly and so on et voila, you should be able to come up with something :) It's challenging the first time you do it, but really coming up with experiments is simple.

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