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Mealworm Design Lab

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In my I.B. Biology 20 class we are doing design labs using meal worms. Mine was debating whether or not mealworms like the light or not. The problem is that my teacher has asked us to do data processing and I have never done that! I was wondering if anyone could help me? I am really confused. Hehe.

What I am wondering is how should I process the data?

Do I take the average of each trial or do I take the average of each 2 minute recording?

Should I take the mean as my average, or what else?

Ahhhhh....help me!! I'm such a data processing noob.

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What data have you collected? It would help to know that before trying to process it :P

As a rule the best way to start with processing any data is:

1. Put it in a table

2. Put it in a graph of a type that best shows the relationship between the two

Do those to begin with and then see how it's going.

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